Every once in a while emerges a technology company that is able to find simple solutions and empowering its customers in the embedded space, and go on to become their dependable design partner. AJ & J Tech Solutions is one such emerging technology company.

AJ & J Tech Solutions has successfully emerged as a professional to its customers in Embedded Systems. Over the years, we have worked with diverse set of customers meeting their quality compliance expectations and have gained enormous knowledge and expertise on various Process methodologies.

With a deep technical know-how in the field of embedded systems, and a strong belief that Simple Solutions for complex problems are the most reliable and effective way, AJ & J Tech Solutions has enabled its customers to take their Concepts to Production in the most Innovative & Cost effective manner.

Our Project Management Team makes sure we deliver excellent services with the focus of building innovative embedded and software products for our customers to help them achieve their product ideas thereby increasing their market base.

AJ & J Tech Solutions is committed to the success of its customers and will ensure that we will do everything in our power to create high quality products for our customers. We also deliver custom application programming services to end customers. Our open work culture, horizontal structure, team dynamics and knowledge transfer sessions has enabled us to build a solid development team and maintain long-term client relationships.